PREVENT – A randomized controlled trial for Acute Low Back Pain 2017

Neuroscience Research Australia, The University of New South Wales (UNSW)

The primary objective was to determine whether Patient Education in addition to clinical guideline-based care for acute low back pain reduces the intensity of low back pain at 3 months compared to Sham Education in addition to clinical guideline-based care.

PANTHER Study - 2016-2018

Patient Adherence to Home Exercise Programs
University of Melbourne, Physiotherapy Department

The aim for this randomized controlled trial is to evaluate whether the addition of a web-based system, Physitrack, to usual physiotherapy treatment improves patient adherence levels to exercise compared to the usual non web-based methods physiotherapists use to deliver exercise programs to people with musculoskeletal conditions.

STOP Study – 2017-2018

Trial Of Prevention Strategies for low back pain
Sydney University and The GEORGE INSTITUTE for Global Health

The aim of STOP was to establish the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of group based exercise and education classes compared with a minimal intervention control in preventing recurrence of Lower Back Pain (LBP), in people who have recently recovered from an episode of LBP.