Physiotherapy services on offer

We have APA Sports Physiotherapists in our clinic to get it right the first time.

Our APA Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists have amazing hands that can detect subtle changes in any joint of your body.

The Watson Headache® approach is a series of examination and treatment techniques that can skillfully reproduce and relieve headache and migraine pain.

Shockwave Therapy involves the use of shockwaves to treat chronic, persistent or recurring painful conditions of the musculoskeletal system.

The Bounce Back Spinal Stability Program is designed from current evidence to help improve patients with back or neck pain. It is very specific because it teaches motor relearning and spinal stabilising muscle function.

Our clinic for many years has been utilising leading edge technology like real time ultrasound (RTUS) and biofeedback machines to help guide you in rehabilitation. 

High Performance Physiotherapy staff are very experienced in Aquatic Physiotherapy and work closely with your medical specialist in optimising your rehabilitation for a complete recovery.

High Performance Dance Physiotherapy is a complete specialised service by a Titled Sports Physiotherapist for dancers in all genres, whether it be ballet, hip hop, contemporary, ballroom, Physical Culture or Cheerleading.

The use of acupuncture needles to help settle pain and release muscle tightness can be a very effective alternative to just stretching and massage.

Women's Health Physiotherapy relates to the management and treatment of conditions specifically affecting women through their life stages – from early adulthood, through the child bearing years, post menopause and into older age.