Trial Of Prevention Strategies for low back pain
Sydney University and The GEORGE INSTITUTE for Global Health

The aim of STOP was to establish the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of group based exercise and education classes compared with a minimal intervention control in preventing recurrence of Lower Back Pain (LBP), in people who have recently recovered from an episode of LBP.

As part of this trial 1482 participants were recruited if they had recently recovered from an episode of lower back pain (LBP).  The participants were randomly placed into one of two groups;

Group 1 - Minimal intervention group which received a “Guide to Positively Managing Back Pain” booklet. The information included advice on self-management and prevention of back pain as well as a brief overview of types of exercise was discussed with the patient.

Group 2 – Exercise Group participated in group exercise and education. This group received a comprehensive, individualised exercise and education program over 12 weeks. A home exercise program was also given to these participants. After 12 weeks these participants received weekly educational and/or motivational tips for another 12 weeks.