• The length of stay depends on the complexity of the injury, complex injuries e.g. pelvis and spine should be a double consultation.
  • Our consultation booths are curtained off, if you feel you require extra privacy for your consultation please let staff know at the time of consultation.
  • Payment is to be made on the day of your consultation.
  • If you have private health coverage bring your card with you as we can automatically lodge your claim so you only have to pay the difference.
  • What should I bring to my appointment?
    • Please wear or bring appropriate clothing e.g. If you have a knee injury, shorts would be appropriate.
    • If you have any Doctors letters, X-Rays, MRI’s etc.
    • If you are Workers Compensation please bring your Doctors referral, the name and contact details of the Insurance Company, case manager and your claim number.
  • Can you use Medicare for Physiotherapy?
    Physiotherapy is widely regarded as an outstanding treatment option for a multitude of musculoskeletal conditions like back and neck pain, knee arthritis, hip pain, shoulder injuries which include muscle tears, tendon and bursae pain.
  • What steps are required to claim physiotherapy through Medicare?
    • Step 1. You will need to have what is deemed a chronic medical condition for longer than 6 months.  Speak to your GP first.
    • Step 2. Once approved from your GP they will then complete the necessary paperwork to place you on the Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDM for short).
    • Step 3. Bring your form with you to your next appointment and we can claim the rebate for you on the spot. All you have to pay is difference between the rebate and the consultation cost.
  • Are their any restrictions on Medicare and Physiotherapy?
    There are some restriction places on the CDM program.
    1. You are entitled to 5x 'Allied Health' consultations per calendar year, if your GP has ruled that you have a chronic condition (remember, that's greater than 6 months duration). These 5 visits restart each calendar year, though you will need a new referral from your GP every 12 months.
    2. You will pay the full physiotherapy consultation fee at the time of your appointment using a savings or cheque account; we will swipe your Medicare card on our registered HICAPS machine and enter your GP's provider number and a few other details. This then activates the rebate, which we then put directly back onto your debit card (Medicare does not allow it to go onto a credit card).
  • Is Hicaps used in our clinic?
    Hicaps is a system that allows us to send your claim to the health fund on your behalf. After processing you only need to pay the gap amount of your consultation. The amount your receive back depends on your health fund, and your level of cover. You must have your card with you for us to process your claim otherwise we will give you a receipt and you can claim it online yourself.